Tonight With Trav Action “BLACK ADAM” – Striking Back with Full Force @ The Egyptian Gods Is Quite Electrifying!

“BLACK ADAM” – Striking Back with Full Force @ The Egyptian Gods Is Quite Electrifying!

“BLACK ADAM” – Striking Back with Full Force @ The Egyptian Gods Is Quite Electrifying! post thumbnail image

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1663826975134Film Synopsis: Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods – and also imprisoned just as quickly – Black Adam (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

Trav’s Critique On “BLACK ADAM” ➡️ I can go back and forth with Black Adam – and still not get my point across about what I feel the entire film about. In theory, I felt that the movie was electric and very moving! Not because of the power that Black Adam, but the overall message that the film portrayed to me. When I first heard the word, SHAZAM in the film; I thought that they were showing that movie! LOL!


I was laughing so hard inside to myself like what the hell? Oh, no they are going too far now with this SHAZAM thing now! LOL! The point of Black Adam was like every other Superhero movie that has ever been made – to make and maintain the world as a more peaceful and delightful/safe place to live and co-exist. The powers that Black Adam had everyone saw him as a hero; but that is the thing about powers – it is up to the recipient of those powers to use them for either good or bad.


IF someone is gifted with powers and they kill a bad person with those powers – do you automatically want to see that hero as a villain now? Will you still see him or her as a hero or a Savior? That is what Black Adam was facing in the entire film. That is what the film was about in my eyes, and from my perspective. Sure, the film had comedy in it and I always until the day I die will think that it is funny as hell when a Superhero comes to the current day and try to adapt to our way of life and see a TV and zaps it or walks through a wall or tries to talk “hip” or think of “catch phrases.”


That will ALWAYS be funny and comical to me and yes, The Rock did that perfectly well! Black Adam had the mindset that he was immortal and undefeatable. But I will admit that the way Black Adam was throwing those bad men all around and saving people, fighting – I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! That, to me, is the wrong mindset to have whether or not if you are a Superhero or not. NO ONE is immune or immortal except all mighty God.


I realize that this was only a movie; but in life today there are so many people who think that they are invincible, and nothing will happen to them, and they can go around and do hurtful, and vindictive things to others and nothing will come back around, and karma will not happen to them; or they will not get old and frail or age.


People need to stop and think that the harm that they give to others will come back on them in some manner, form, shape, or fashion. I loved the film, and I had the opportunity to see it in Dolby and I wish my theater had Dolby 3D – if it did, this would be one of those films that I would have seen in Dolby 3D! In closing, the film was dynamic, and I suggest that you watch it – you will NOT be disappointed at all! It is the best 2 hours and 14 minutes of your life!

Black Adam

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served….Hmmm…Why don’t I let YOU, personally fill this one in, folks! LOL! #TonightWithTrav

I was very amazed at how this movie demonstrated how someone like The Rock who is very masculine in every way possible could tackle a dominant role where he could show audiences that even the strongest of warriors can admit defeat; because remember defeat can be shown in a multitude of ways and admit something that millions of us do. That takes not only courage, but strength! Stay for the post-credit scene – it is…quite the scenario! I promise you that!


6 thoughts on ““BLACK ADAM” – Striking Back with Full Force @ The Egyptian Gods Is Quite Electrifying!”

  1. Wow. I’m surprised. I thought you would treat this one up. I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews. I like your perspective though!

    1. Yeah, I’m hearing that – nothing but horrible reviews! Why I wonder??? Bashing movies is what people usually are known for. Maybe people are bashing it becauae of the Rock playing a Superhero, maybe? I found absolutely NOTHING wrong with the film at all! Haters will hate! That’s all I’ve got to say!

  2. Another great review! Another perfect example how fans love this movie vs critics. The very high rating on Rotten Tomatoes proves this is a nice unique twist on the DC Anti-hero. Plus you see his story arc from the beginning to how he was at the end. Very moving & interesting. Oh…and HOW ABOUT THST POST CREDIT SCENE?!?! Can’t wait to see what Journey they take us on next.

    1. This film has not been getting a lot of positive buzz from fans and the simple “word of mouth.” I’m shocked at that! But, all over the Net it is killing it at 100%! It’s magnetic – and I loved it! And that post-credit scene….um💪💪💪💪💪

  3. It appears Mr. DJ has been preparing for this particular role for a good while, and hopefully have the DC Universe ready for more. The #1 Movie in America, it’s worth- while seeing. Watch Halloween Ends, and see how many people are Black Adam, that will let us know everything we need to know, and on how they viewed the movie.

    1. Well, when you see the post-credit scene with him and _________ you obviously KNOW there will be a Black Adam 2 or at least some sort of collaboration with him and another DC character! That’s all I am going to say!

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