Tonight With Trav Horror “PREY FOR THE DEVIL” -The Obnoxious Evil Preys Upon the Weak..

“PREY FOR THE DEVIL” -The Obnoxious Evil Preys Upon the Weak..

“PREY FOR THE DEVIL” -The Obnoxious Evil Preys Upon the Weak.. post thumbnail image

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20221024 223106Film Synopsis: A nun (Jacqueline Byers) prepares to perform an exorcism and comes face to face with a demonic force with mysterious ties to her past!

Trav’s Critique On “PREY FOR THE DEVIL” ➡️ I think that I need to pray to an Angel or a Devil because it certainly was NOT an angel who wrote the script or even thought up this film or the “so-called name” of the movie hence meaning the “prey” for the Devil meaning the weak people in which the Devil prays upon and seeks out. At least that is how I saw the title of the film. I really did not see this as movie, but rather something that someone can just rent at a Redbox setup stand or if a person loves to pay money to go to a public movie theater (and I NEVER understood the logic in doing this -at all) and watch this movie.


The main protagonist in the film, Sister Ann – I really did not see her as being a nun because she was a young girl and was consuming alcohol with the other clergymen afterhours. I am saying to myself, “like what the hell?” Is there no respect or decency in the film at all? Will no sort of rules be followed or obeyed even if the movie is stupid and going NO NO NO damn where? LOL! I really did not enjoy the movie and I had no high expectations out of it going into the movie to be completely 1,000% honest with you, but I had already seen Halloween Ends and I wanted to see something scary, but even though I had seen the preview/trailers for this movie not like a thousand times, but still quite often, I caved and saw it because I had nothing to lose.


That’s the great benefit of being an AMC Stubs A-List member – you get to see 3 movies each week and it resets every Friday so if I choose a movie to see and I do not like it; it’s NOT like I am actually paying to see it because I am paying for an actual membership. That’s the way I choose to see it when I choose to see movies that suck & suck bigtime like this one! The movie did not have any jumps, frets, not scares for me at all whatsoever. I don’t know why it made or who thought that it would even make money.


They was no big-name actor even in the entire film except Actress Virginia Madsen and every time I saw her, I could not get the thought out of my mind that she loves getting involved in movies like this because she got her start in the film, Candyman! Watching the film; it was not like I was watching something totally scary such as: The Conjuring films, Child’s Play, Dead Silence, and that is all that comes to my mind right now that are GREAT horror classics.


Bad horror films that I can compare this movie could be: Black Christmas, Cry Wolf, Cursed, Crimson Peak, etc. Have you ever just watched a movie and didn’t feel it like the old man in the image below from this film? That is me …only exception is – I was NOT cursed!

giphy 1

EVIL can ONLY be allowed in …IF one is weak, vulnerable, easily swayed, and tempted. ALWAYS remember that when it comes to movies like this, and some are TRUE like The Conjuring films. Evils come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Be vigilant. Stay righteous! #TonightWithTrav

The movie really sucked. The End.

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  1. Ha! I thought it looked a lil hokey. Hubby thought that looks like something to watch… I said the trailer for it is on EVERYONE esp Hulu lolol I had a feeling it wasn’t great. Lol. Thank you for forwarning use lol p.s. I like this layout, funny, background. Much easier for me to read, old fat here!

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