Tonight With Trav Action THE MEG II: THE TRENCH – Where Terror Gets U Drowned, Drenched …and Possibly Even – Quenched!

THE MEG II: THE TRENCH – Where Terror Gets U Drowned, Drenched …and Possibly Even – Quenched!

THE MEG II: THE TRENCH – Where Terror Gets U Drowned, Drenched …and Possibly Even – Quenched! post thumbnail image

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What’s “The Meg 2: The Trench” About?

The Meg

A research team encounters multiple threats while exploring the depths of the Ocean, including a malevolent mining operation!

Picsart 23 08 05 13 18 21 717 minThe Meg Returns After 5 Years!

Yes! Here we see our Marine Deep Sea Diver, Jonas Taylor who is being played by our fearless warrior that we ALL know and love and cannot get enough of, Sir Jason Statham!  I swear, I never get tired of seeing him in these action roles that he plays especially when they are movies such as as this where he portrays the “over the top” protector and Survivor. I say that because there is NO way in hell that ONE man; and I don’t give a damn how muscular you are – there is NO way in hell you can defeat 3 or 4 damn 2700 lbs. sharks and then trying to keep it or them rather, away from you with your bare legs. Come on now, lets get real if we are going to be rel. The Meg was NO match for just him; an entire beach full of people; hell anyone. Besides, there were extinct and no one even knew that they still even existed!

Picsart 23 08 05 13 20 20 095 minHaiqi

This  particular Meg that was being kept at the Mana One Marine Lab since she was found as a baby by Jiuming – he has been training her and he feels that the two of them have formed  a certain and very unique bond and that this Meg will NOT nor NEVER EVER EVER EVER harm him or anyone at the Institute under his orders or requests. Do you believe that? Seriously. Do you think that happens in the film? Will it, though? You’ll see. You know, in life it is rare that people find certain animals that they can bond with and share a very deep and Spiritual connection with as if they are people and they can sense when they are in trouble or in need of something. Just like I have seen dogs bring men beers form out of the refrigerator upon request. Sure, it is funny as hell ..but it is still similar, and they were trained to do it. If that can happen – why not this with The Meg, Haiqi & Jiuming?

Picsart 23 08 05 13 21 21 950 minThe Ultimate Betrayal Underwater!!!

There is a twist; a very COLOSSIAL twist big like The Meg colossal I am talking about in the movie that I must admit that I did not see coming and it is always what I am sure we have all heard during our lifetime & its simply this: we are all done in or sabotaged, hurt, etc. by someone close to us or someone that we know and that is what happened to Jonas, and a few others at the Mana One Lab- someone that they worked with wanted to take ALL of the credit for the work and investigations/research that Jonas did and use it for future work. That really struck a nerve with me because it makes me sick to my stomach how good, loyal, hard working people in this world are hired to “assume” that they are to work for legitimate Companies then over time find out they are inventing or coming up with ideas to make the Company they work for better – only to find out they want to steal your ideas and take credit for it!

Picsart 23 08 05 13 19 19 721 minThe Meg …is…

Let’s just say that shark that was raised as a baby had a very peaceful ending with the dolphins and we might be seeing her again and she might not be alone. That is all I will say about Haiqi. I felt that this sequel was really entertaining and I loved this film better than the first film. The Meg …never a dull moment with them – that’s for sure!


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