Tonight With Trav Action RETRIBUTION – Gets Its Explosive Payback!

RETRIBUTION – Gets Its Explosive Payback!

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What’s “Retribution” About?

A bank Executive (Liam Neeson) receives a bomb threat while driving his children to school that his car will explode if they stop and get out!


Payback, Karma, & Vengeance is Matt’s & Matt Turner’s Alone!!!

Wall Photo Frame 1693081967575 minMatt Turner. What can I say about him? Oh, yeah, I know. His character was out for blood because he wanted retribution for whomever was bombing the people that he knew from his job and this includes his own family; his two children, Emily & Zach. Wanting to seek retribution on someone who has wronged us, in ANY situation is a completely natural and normal response immediately following a horrific event esp. one that Matt had to endure. Matt could have lost not only his life, but the lives of his children if he did not listen to a voice on a phone telling him what to do. How beyond terrifying is that? Protecting your children, if you have any is a natural instinct, and in this case, if you survive, of course, being a parent, you will want to be out for blood aka that retribution as Matt Turner was.

The Unidentified Voice

Wall Photo Frame 1693082071023 min 1To be placed in such an extreme situation as this one is not something anyone experiences on a daily or regular-type basis. It’s just so scary to even fathom, right. You wake up one morning …gather your kids for school and then on your way bringing them, an unidentifiable voice calls a cell phone you do NOT recognize in your car, tells you there are bombs located in the car under your seats and if you get out of the car and do not do what the voice says, you die! Just writing this sends chills through my entire body. Yours? The film had a very good premise to it, but the sad part was that Liam Neeson was the only A-List Star in the film. We do see who the “mysterious voice” is at the close of the film in case you’re wondering.

Karma Is Real! Very Real!!

WWall Photo Frame 1693082158372 minhat Matt had to experience …I could only imagine! I know you have heard the very old – and classic saying of, “karma comes back around!” And it most certainly does!!! In a movie, it HAS to roll around rather quickly. Why? Because its a movie! In real life, karma does serve its justice & purpose @ times just as rapidly in a movie. Redemption, karma, payback, and the title of this film are all words that can be meshed together and are all intertwined when you think deeply about it. When we get hurt or when someone we care about gets hurt, we want to IMMEDIATELY …before we can blink our eyes, see that person whon inflicted the pain get (here goes another classic phrase we’ve all heard) “theirs’ or “what’s coming to them.” That simply means payback, retribution, karma, etc. It’s only natural that when someone does something mean or vindictive to someone …that person harmed/hurt, wants to see them get theirs or punished as a form of punishment. If not, they or we will feel like we  got hurt by them and they go off the hook scott free. So, I’m sure you can see how enticing getting even on someone is rather than turning the other cheek.

Retribution Concludes With…

Wall Photo Frame 1693081967575 minYOU! I will flip the script on you this once. How do you think the film ends? Even though I NEVER GIVE SPOILERS!!! Will Matt Turner get revenge on the individual who tried to bring harm on him and his family? Will he do the right thing when he is face-to-face with them? What would YOU do??? It’s a question to seriously ponder on isn’t it….is it worth it???

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