Tonight With Trav Adventure BLUE BEETLE – It’s Unstoppable & Provides Countless Victories!

BLUE BEETLE – It’s Unstoppable & Provides Countless Victories!

BLUE BEETLE – It’s Unstoppable & Provides Countless Victories! post thumbnail image

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What’s “Blue Beetle” About?

An alien scarab chooses College Graduate, Jaimie Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) to be its symbiotic host, bestowing the teenager with a suit of armor that’s capable of extraordinary & unpredictable powers, forever changing his destiny as he becomes the Superhero known as – The Blue Beetle! 

Blue Beetle

image 20230822 18 13 26 minThe Scarab Chooses Its Next Blue Beetle…

Let’s start off by going back to thinking about when we were all in middle school; NOT even high school and we saw that one particular kid that everyone targeted that they bullied. How did you feel when you saw that happening? Did you step in and assist? Did you wish that you had Super powers – or were a hero that you admired of some sort to help defeat the bully or bullies that was intimidating that innocent and harmless kid that was too afraid to fight back because they were weak? Well, that is Jaime Reyes. He was destined for something great in this life and it was to be the protector of the innocents of the world. The scarab chose him because it saw his power and his inner strength. In the world today, society views individuals ho love, care, and show signs of sincerity, and empathy/sympathy as a sign of weakness, but in actuality; it is a sign of strength because it is showing that these individuals have the power to possess emotions so strong that they can exhibit them to the known and the unknown anywhere, and at anytime. Wouldn’t that be a quality of a Superhero – or would that be a quality you look for in a villain? Hell no. A villain would want to diminish all of the good attributes that I have just listed and turn a perfectly noble, and good human being into what they are: evil, sinister, negative, and so much more.

image 20230822 18 12 05 minKORD Industries vs. Thee Victoria Kord

You know it is just like the old saying says, “once you give someone a little taste of wealth and power …they never want to give it up and will always be thirsty for more!” That is so true and it changes them. It unleashes a side of them that you never even saw they had in them could even exist. Victoria Kord wanted to find the scarab for her own personal reasons and also for her own financial gain. Once it was located and activated inadvertently by Jaimie and he transformed into the Blue Beetle, Victoria stopped at NOTHING to locate the scarab, and Blue Beetle, and she would kill and hunt down anything and anyone in her path to do so. The legacy of KORD Industries was not left to her and that hurt her, but her actions resulted in that consequence. That’s what people do not realize …they always want to fault others for their mistakes, but if they take a look into the mirror, they will see a reflection and that reflection will be themselves simply because THEY ARE THE ONES WHO GO THEMSELVES IN THE SITUATION THEY ARE IN SIMPLY BY THE CHOICES THAT THEY CHOSE TO MAKE!

image 20230822 18 11 44 minJenny Kord & The Blue Beetle

Having to work with Jaime aka The Blue Beetle to try and stop Victoria from her very devious plots …Jenny soon realized a lot of things about herself and her life. It always seems to take a major loss or a catastrophe to make anyone come to a very real realization about tings or to have things be placed in perspective for them. IT’s very sad; but is a true fact of life, sadly. I loved the fact that Jenny was able to stand up to Victoria and tell her to her face that she knew what she was up to and that she was not going to allow her to tear part what her father had done to the Company. Having principles is a very strong attribute to have …especially in business and if you do not stand up for yourself, and what you believe in …then you have nothing.


6 thoughts on “BLUE BEETLE – It’s Unstoppable & Provides Countless Victories!”

  1. This my type of movie, super hero so action is where it’s all at. Such a vibe, the quietest people sometimes be your strongest warriors. Always keep your eyes on those quiet ones, something great is on the horizon.

    1. Jerry:
      This is SO true – but not always. I am sure that we have all heard this at some point in our lives at one point in time or another that the quiet and shy ones will be the ones to save our lives or surprise us and by “surprise” it can be meant in a good way or a bad way. But, in Jaime’s case, being a Superhero is ALWAYS A GREAT thing! I loved and appreciated the value in who he was and becoming the Blue Beetle only amplified who he already was: an extraordinary and caring individual and that is why the scarab chose him!

  2. Truly excited for this one!!! The trailer looked incredible, and now that I know it’s about a misfit, it makes it even more appetizing!

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