Tonight With Trav Comedy STRAYS – Bark … “Anger Me & I See Red …Therefore I Aim for Your Big Forehead!”

STRAYS – Bark … “Anger Me & I See Red …Therefore I Aim for Your Big Forehead!”

STRAYS – Bark … “Anger Me & I See Red …Therefore I Aim for Your Big Forehead!” post thumbnail image

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What’s “Strays” About?


An abandoned dog teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner! Sounds kind of “ruff” doesn’t it…

IMG 20230827 211455 minWhat Are Strays Really After?

While watching the movie, I was inclined to cry during the film; I will admit that because it was more than just an R-rated comedy about abandoned dogs. The more that I got connected with the film, I began to see the dogs as people with real feelings and emotions as human beings and began to wonder if animals can have feelings. Am I silly for even thinking that? It really hurt my heart to see how Reggie felt after his owner, Doug mistreated him when all he wanted and yearned for was love and affection; something that every human and dog wants and deep down, even though it was a silly question to ask myself, it is obviously true that YES dogs …and animals can feel; maybe not like humans, but they can.

IMG 20230827 211522 minReggie & Bug

When Bug & Reggie meet for the first time, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! Jaime Foxx playing the voice of Bug was – ICONIC! Foxx MOST DEFIENETLY MADE THIS MOVIE R-rated and a HUGE success!!! I mean Bug was the most outrageous and courageous dog out of the bunch! He was so full of life, energetic, and carefree. He showed Reggie how much fun life was off the leash, but deep-down Reggie really wanted an Owner and wanted love, but truth be told that if he never had it really bad with his previous Owner, Doug, he never would know what real love and friendship looked and felt like and that is what I connected with in the film. Friendship. That is something that is rare in the world today; when you find it, hold on to it and fight for it like these two did!

IMG 20230827 211314 minStrays: They Need Lovin’ Too

Maggie was a cute dog and the voice playing her was played by Isla Fisher. All t throughout the film I tried to figure out who that was, but I could not up until the ending credits! LOL! She WAS A CUTE, ROWLED UP, AND FIESTY THING! All of the strays in the film stuck together and showed Reggie that they had his back and that they were a family and even did something so outrageous to show that they all belonged to one another and were a family! Even though a dog had been thrown away or someone chooses to get rid of them for whatever the reason might be – that dog may feel that they are not loved or wanted; but they are. They just need to find the right person who loves animals and who will love them and give them what they deserve.

IMG 20230827 211354 minTrav’s Conclusions on Strays

The film really showed a comparison between humans and animals. There are people who have dogs as what? Compassion animals. There are service animals for the blind and hearing impaired. Animals and people mesh very and extremely well together so I can make this very overt conclusion and comparison. Just like human being adopting children for various reasons, the same goes for the humans wanting to get a pet. Sure, this movie may be raunch, have profanity in it, but to me, I look way beyond all of that, because the message rings bright, loud and clear to me & that is that everyone needs and deserves love, attention, and care. Showing another person unconditional love and care goes a long way and it takes only a few seconds! Can you do that?


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