Tonight With Trav Action “UNHINGED” Is Just The Half Of It – The Man Was Lit & Was Not About To Quit!

“UNHINGED” Is Just The Half Of It – The Man Was Lit & Was Not About To Quit!

“UNHINGED” Is Just The Half Of It – The Man Was Lit & Was Not About To Quit! post thumbnail image

unhingedTravis’ Grade Of: [A+] Unhinged

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? YEAH! CROWE TAKES YOU ON ONE HELL OF A THRILLING AND CHILLING RIDE!


My Critique On “Unhinged” is this – NOT ever a dull moment! Truly, what I saw in this here film was NOT what I was expecting at all! I really want to see it for a second time to make sure what I saw the first time was actually real! Lol! This “man” & that really was Russell Crowe’s name in the movie because he literally had no name……..

Film Synopsis: A divorced single mother (played by Caren Pistorious) begins to be stalked & tormented by a stranger (played by Russell Crowe) following a road rage confrontation at a red light! 
Classification of Film: Action & Thriller
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……was truly un-the-freaking-off-the chain-hinged! This is one of those movies where the MAIN character of the film is actually the title of the film. I can literally say without a shadow of a doubt that “this unhinged man was unhinged!” 
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When the movie first came on, I immediately thought to myself, “oh no, I detest movies that show the damn ending first then shows the movie backwards!” I thought that was what was going to happen when it came on – but I was tricked and glad that I was because I hate that and hate predictable movies, but this one really REALLY and I do mean, REALLY surprised the hell out of me!
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 I was NOT expecting to see the type of imagery that I saw on the movie screen coming back to theaters after being out for 5 months! This was a truly action-packed thriller of a ride that never slowed down and it was a high speed road rage chase that kept me on the edge of my Dolby seat; that is for certain! I will want to see it again and oh most definitely I will buy it when it comes out on DVD! 
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I am so glad that this was the first movie that I got to see when theaters re-opened up and so glad that it did not go to VOD like so many other films and it waited until theaters opened up. I live in Louisiana where it was filmed and love supporting films that are filmed where I live! What was funny to me truly was how I am from New Orleans and in one scene where the mother is trying to bring her son to school and she gets a call that her client has fired her for being late they show the mother going towards New Orleans and then in another scene she is on the same bridge, but heading in a different direction. It should have been consistent and I caught onto that. 
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I wonder if I was the only person who picked up on that seeings as I am from NOLA? Lol! Anywho, I was not expecting the film to be very vile as it was and that is what kept it very thrilling and chilling for me. 
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I mean, I kept my eyes on the screen the entire time and some thing that was so funny is that all he wanted was a simple apology, but we all know that if you do what you are suppose to do in movies and react the way you are supposed to then the movie will be nothing but less than an hour long so you have to act dumb, and do what you are not supposed to do in order to keep the suspense and momentum going to drive audiences crazy and and get all hyped & amped up for he BIG FINALE! 
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I know that! Haha! Me? I would have driven to the police station and drove straight up in there – that would have showed him he aint dealing with no fool! Two can play his “i’ll show you a bad day” game routine!

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