Tonight With Trav Comedy “THE LOVEBIRDS” Is Absurd – But Still Can Be A Great Comedy To Watch If You Need A Pick-Me-Up!

“THE LOVEBIRDS” Is Absurd – But Still Can Be A Great Comedy To Watch If You Need A Pick-Me-Up!

“THE LOVEBIRDS” Is Absurd – But Still Can Be A Great Comedy To Watch If You Need A Pick-Me-Up! post thumbnail image

20200311 233809Travis’ Grade Of: [B+] The Lovebirds

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this on Netflix – since it did not make it to theaters due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? YUP! THIS MOVIE KEEPS THIS LAUGHING FROM START TO FINISH!




My Critique On “The Lovebirds” is this – I had seen the preview for this movie zillion and trillions of times in theaters BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic…



Film Synopsis: A young couple (played by Issa Rae & Kumail Nanjiani) are pulled into a bizarre and hilarious murder mystery. Working together to clear both their names and solve the case, they need to figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night!
Classification of Film: Action, Crime, & Comedy
the lovebirds


and when the parts of the movie came up that I had seen in the trailer, I got so excited because I have been waiting such a long time to see the film, but the scenes were on point from the trailer, but some of the lines were – off and trust me, I must have watched the trailer a million times a damn day so I know what I was expecting to hear, but did not. Next, I would not classify this as a romantic comedy, but it was more of a mystery and a comedy. 
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These two worked really well together I must say. They had me cracking up laughing man. This was filmed right down the street from where I lived and I never got to see them film in action, but I was super thrilled that it was filmed really close to my house and where I live! 

I would leave the romance part out of it because the two main characters that the film was centered on, they were fighting during the whole film. There were sweet ‘lil scenes here and there, but the disagreement scenes were even funny. The entire movie was funny and I loved that! It was so funny that it got me off point as to why the killer was trying to kill the biker dude and his connection to the “St. Charles kids” & who Edie was and her connection and involvement in all this. 
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Anna Camp had a really tiny role in the film and that was surprising. To be honest, I am glad that it did stream on Netflix instead of going to theaters but as much as I love Kumail and Issa as actors, I do not think that the film would have been a huge success! I mean to be brutally honest, if you watch the trailer for the film – you have watched the movie. No lie! Both actors have on-screen magic and chemistry. 
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Kumail was waaaay funnier than Issa. Another true fact from myself is that I am shocked that those two ever fell in love. Lol! They were to completely different people, but as the movie progressed on both of them learned about their relationship and saw what they needed to see to make an informed decision about their future and moving forward. The things that they would disagree over was funny. Lol! Issa Rae is a fool! I love her! Her comedy is just simply off the charts! She can play a comedy role perfectly! I would love to own this if it ever comes  out on DVD AND YOU SHOULD TOO!
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The entire film is hilarious, but the main objective of the film, to me, is that while they were rushing to solve a crime – they were finding out about themselves and it took getting involved with a crime to realize that they…….watch it and find out….


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