Tonight With Trav Action “BLOODSHOT” Should Be Thrown Off A Damn Yacht!

“BLOODSHOT” Should Be Thrown Off A Damn Yacht!

“BLOODSHOT” Should Be Thrown Off A Damn Yacht! post thumbnail image

BloodshotTravis’ Grade Of: [D+] Bloodshot

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? A RED STEAMING BLOOD HOT SHOT “HELL TO THE NO!”


My Critique On “Bloodshot” is this – I don’t even know where to begin so this will be….



Film Synopsis: Ray Garrison, (played by Vin Diesel) a slain soldier, is re-animated with superpowers.
Classification of Film: Action, Sci-Fi, & Drama


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….very short – but NOT so sweet; maybe bittersweet? Let’s see. I was not really super duper excited to see this movie. I love Vin, but we ALL know that any film he makes that is not in the Fast & Furious franchise will NOT be a huge box office success. 
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If it is, it will shock me, really it would! I would see about almost any movie that Vin Diesel is in to support him and his films, but the majority, like I said earlier – Fast & Furious IS what made him and what he is well beyond known for. 
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I have no idea why he goes out and does other movie that are not in that Fast/Furious franchise. I really don’t. But I also know that once the saga ends (and I hope that it never does), he has to resort to another type of genre fro film. I fell like I am going on and on about my feelings for Vin’s movies rather than this movie in particular so let me get to it. Sorry! 
bloodshot 144569
The movie had action and the suspense was there, but it was just utterly original. It was not the type of action move that you would typically expect. It seems like the trailer gave away everything including what we were supposed to be trying to figure out while watching it. I can’t say with a certainty that if it were in IMAX or Dolby it would have kept my attention; or 3D even. 
bloodshot 144563
Who knows? This is a movie that you can pop in and just have on until you can fall asleep. I was not drifting to sleep while watching it, but this is that type of movie and Vin Diesel was about the only well-known actor in the film.
bloodshot 144562

 The movie has not reached 50% of the budget put out to even make it. I doubt that it ever will. The only suspenseful part is this – is his wife really dead? Was it all a dream? Was it a alternate reality? As much as I wanna spoil it for you – I won’t…or did I? Open or close your eyes to find out……


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