Tonight With Trav Horror “THE HUNT” Is Just A Messed Up Publicity Stunt and Brutal Bloody Festival

“THE HUNT” Is Just A Messed Up Publicity Stunt and Brutal Bloody Festival

“THE HUNT” Is Just A Messed Up Publicity Stunt and Brutal Bloody Festival post thumbnail image

the huntTravis’ Grade Of: [D-] The Hunt

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? HELL NO! WHAT WAS EVEN THE POINT OF THIS FILM? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!



My Critique On “The Hunt” is this – OMG! Just wow is all that I can type or say at this moment…. I just have NO WORDS! I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel…..

Film Synopsis: 12 strangers wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. They don’t know they’ve been chosen – for a VERY SPECIFIC purpose – The Hunt!

Classification of Film: Action, Horror, & Thriller

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…..about this film! It wasn’t horrible. I had read on varied websites and reviews by other critics – professionally and/or personally that this film raised some political and democratic views on things. I did not feel that at all. 

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Maybe it was the part about “humans hunting other humans for sport” maybe is where the political debating back and forth arose from. All I saw was movies like from Mr. Gory Q. Tarantino, The Crazies, The Hunger Games, and The Hostel

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I just felt that this was a dumb killing spree R-rated movie. Period. They began the film with suspense stemming from what the main character of the film wanted. It tells the story from the present to past and then to the future or whatever. I am so confused writing this last sentence because this was not even a movie and what was the symbolism with the pig/s even? 

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I mean people were getting killed in the very beginning of the film and were still alive like creatures or aliens or something. I would take confusing movies like “Shutter Island” or even “Us” over this! This was a totally pointless movie and when I walked out of it after it was over (still shocked that I stayed through every second of it, actually).

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I feel that the film HAD, yes had the potential to be something great because of how they kept the face of the mystery woman until the middle of the film, and the plot along with the killing but to have people getting killed right before the credits. Things were explained – but NOT well explained! Why were they even in the damn film to begin with? 

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It was whack & stupid and anyone who says that they loved it – or even liked it should get a brain scan done on them because all of the reviews I am reading are saying exactly what I am right now. The #1 reason that I gave the film the grade that I did was because of the violence and the two women that the film was centered on. That’s all! That is it!

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The film was pointless and I know for a fact that this was not “the most talked about film!” When they pulled this from distribution last year – they should have kept it and NEVER EVER returned it to us – or to any US or International movie theater house!


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