THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER – Begins A New Chapter …Join Us?

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What’s “The Exorcist: Believer” About?


This is a DIRECT sequel to the 1973 film (See the ORIGINAL trailer here) with the same name about a 12-year-old girl, Katherine (Olivia O’Neill) who is possessed by a mysterious demonic entity, forcing her mother to seek the help of two Priests to help her!

The Body … and the Blood!!!

Picsart 23 09 24 18 58 43 138 minHow could any little boy or girl need an exorcist? It just isn’t right! For children who should still be outside playing and experiencing life and the opposite sex …exploring the basic fundamentals of life – instead they have to wonder off into the woods and perform satanic rituals that get them possessed by demonic entities that prey on very innocent children who don’t know any better! There are certain things in this world that you just do not fool with, but kids that are teenagers just do not know any better, and they feel as if they are doing something completely harmless – but in actuality, they are but are inadvertently doing it.

Chris MacNeil Returns!!!

Picsart 23 09 24 19 03 12 023 minSeeing Chris return to her very iconic role after more than 20 years later was …a sight to see. Literally! She never was an exorcist & never really actually performed any exorcisms in the first film nor did she in this one, but her character devoted herself to the craft of learning about all facets of demonic evils, religions, & possessions for the simple reason that her daughter Raegan was possessed and that prompted her to want to save others! 

Katherine vs. Angela

Picsart 23 09 24 19 00 57 298 minOut of these two young girls …there is only ONE who will survive! WHO do you think it will be? Do you think that I am joking with you? Or am I not? You will have to watch – and see! As we all know …there are ghosts, goblins, and all types of evil demonic forces that force people to make the absolute most incomprehensible choices that are inhumane! Could this be one of them you think? For a demon to ask two completely different sets of parents to choose between their daughters; which one will live and which one will die …how in the world can a parent choose to let their child die and let someone else’s live? Is it unfair? Hell yes it is!!! Having an exorcist come and attempt to expel an evil Spirit from your child …watching that take place …I cannot even imagine how a parent can even watch that, let alone take any part in it even though it is to save them!

The Exorcist …The Exorcist Lives …or Dies?!?!

Picsart 23 09 24 19 02 10 173 minThe one thing that I can appreciate about The Exorcist is that it is like any other horror film in this genre – sure, it terrifies, but it also teaches us that as long as we believe and stay TRUE to our faith in God and our beliefs, we can prevail and overcome the evil and Satanic beings that are trying to overpower our good nature in our body and in our pure hearts! The film may not be based off a true story – nor based off of true events, but it still has the same very crucial concept that all horror films have & that is that you should NOT fall easily to the Devil and allow the Devil aka Satan to corrupt or tempt you in any way, shape, fashion, or form to succumb to anything no matter how alluring or tempting it may be and that is what happened with Angela. She wanted to see her mother so badly, that is what the Devil used to get the evil entity to possess her and Katherine. As the good Book says, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

12 thoughts on “THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER – Begins A New Chapter …Join Us?”

  1. Looks scary as heck! Might watch one day after I bring myself to watch the first one…remind you of the time my ex says I was possessed it’s a crazy story Trav!

    1. Josh –
      It really wasn’t a good film …it was mediocre, honestly. It may look scary as all hell, but it really wasn’t to be honest with you! You NOT missing nothing! Trust me!

  2. Finally, a review I can comment on! The weird part about this movie is that it wasn’t scary. I was actually hoping it would have been. There was a jump scare or two, but it was more of a spooky movie. The director did a nice job with the mood/atmosphere of the film. Overall, it was a good (not great) movie. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the horror genre.

    1. Kev –
      You can ALWAYS comment on films – but you feel that you CAN comment on this because you saw it with me, but you do agree with me and that is a great thing simply because we saw it together & we felt the same exact same things! YEAH, it was a pretty average film with a few scares!

  3. Ahhhh. Glad you reviewed this one! I’ve been curious. I don’t scare easily, but the original scared the hell out of me when I was a teen. I wasn’t allowed to watch rated R-rated movies ’till I was about 14. I still didn’t watch! Being raised a Catholic, this was a no-no. So I watched it when I was around 18. All I could think was “Holy Sh++! No wonder the church banned it”!! It bothered me to the core lolol…. No, absolutely no, movie had ever messed with me like that one! 🤣

    1. Amy –
      It really was NOT that scary or gory to me to be brutally honest because it was not all that scary or a movie that would cause nightmares or messing with your head or mind. I don’t believe that any scary movies can do that an more these days because horror films are not really scary I am finding. U agree?

  4. I agree 110%. I love a good jump scare, but very serious do I walk away like “well, I’m not sleeping tonight”! Watched the Boogeyman Saturday, it was decent. Now. I we watched “No one Will Save You” that scared the ever loving sh** out of me! I will never watch it again. Never. I did have a nightmare with that!! I told me kids to watch and they refuse🤣🤣🤣

    1. Well …to each their own and everyone is not the same and I should have recognized that, but today it just seems as if horror films are not scary as they were in the good old days you know?

  5. Yes. I grew up sneaking Nightmare on elm Street, Halloweens , Friday the 13th, so so many more! I miss THOSE!

  6. Yes! There’s a FEW that are good. One of those I love is Rob Zombies Halloween and Halloween 2. Few and far between are the remakes any good. As you know, I’m picky when it a great horror movie.

    1. Honestly, I did not like Rob Zombie’s re-makes of Halloween. First of all, the character that he cast to play Myers was way too damn tall looking like a damn professional Body Builder, or a wrestler! LOL! THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS WATCHING THE MOVEI I COULD NOT FULLY GET INTO IT BECAUSE THE GUY WAS TOO DAMN TALL! I GREW UP WATCHING A SHORT ASS KILLING MACHINE!

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