Tonight With Trav Comedy A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND – Transforms The Past Into An Epic Success Story!

A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND – Transforms The Past Into An Epic Success Story!

A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND – Transforms The Past Into An Epic Success Story! post thumbnail image

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What’s “A Snowy Day in Oakland” About?


A magical urban tale about a beautiful psychologist, LaTrice (Nicole Ari Parker) from San Francisco who decides to end a stalled romance with her longtime, high-profile, psychiatrist, boyfriend/business partner. She moves on with her life by opening her own private practice in a vacant, street-front office space in the middle of a small, commercial block located across the bay in Oakland, turning the predominately African American and psychologically ignored neighborhood on its emotional ear.

A Fictional Tale….

Snowy? In California? It really does NOT get any better than that now does it says the man who has lived there and is writing this review! I bet a wide variety of you have not even heard of this movie and I will admit to you that I did not either until I just randomly came across it one “rainy day in Louisiana.” LOL!  See there, I can match the title too – only that is TRUE! ALL it does is rain here in the deep South! This was a really cute movie with the normal plot that we ALL can relate to in some form, shape, or fashion in the real world. LaTrice was having relationship troubles with her partner in love, and she just happened to be her business partner as well, so therefore, she decided to go across the bridge to greener pastures to escape the pain of the relationship and the mere thought of seeing him ever again. TRUTH: Can we really run from our past? Our pain?


…in Oakland told by LaTrice……

Or do we HAVE to deal it head on …face first? As a psychologist, LaTrice should have known better first and foremost – that is what I was thinking to myself. Why is she running away from her issues with her lover/mate? Is that what she is telling her patients? Any well-respecting person with any type of logical common sense would think that or let alone ask that. Throw a snowy snowball in her face and smack some common sense into her! Lol! The one thing that I could not understand about the film is was it truly a fairy tale – or was it actually real? Was the snow symbolic of some sort? Did the movie aim to have us leave the theater asking these questions I wonder? It makes you think, doesn’t it? 

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…from her Perspective and what is taken away in this Snowy Tale….

At least that is the way it left me. I do not just watch a movie and get up and leave. Actors give Oscar-winning performances to entice their fans and audiences – they do rehearse and do the same scene over and over again striving for perfection for nothing. If that were the case, they could do their scenes and lines in only one take and go home; just like what I just said – you can watch a movie and go home – that is why in some films before they come one – the actors tell you about how they felt filming it and hope that it brings you the feelings that it brought them making it for you. The main and overall point of the movie was – feelings. Holding into anger, resentment, and hostility solves NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!

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……will BLOW YOUR MIND…..

Getting revenge and payback on people that have done you wrong may feel so gratifying “in that EXACT moment when you are getting them back, but once it is over – what have YOU got? Do YOU think about the consequences of YOUR actions of what YOU have done? NO! You have reacted without thinking first which is what 99.999999% of Americans do when they have been wronged because that is our first gut natural instinct reaction, and it is hard to get out of that. It is like the old analogy: if I try to place your hand on a hot burner on a stove, you will try to pull away because you do not want to get burned, correct?

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…..That’s Correct!

Correct! Well, it’s the same way when anyone wrongs us – our IMMEDIATE response is to what? TO ATTACK – with revenge. It’s a struggle every day for each and every single one of us, but luckily through therapy and talking with counselors and therapists and/or someone you can confide in, those feelings can slowly dissipate, and the snowy feelings can come flooding back because snow just looks and makes everything a lot better! Snowy areas are a playground to be free – that is why it was a snowy day in Oakland for everyone in this fairy tale! Snowy!! Snowy!! Snowy!!

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