Tonight With Trav Horror SCREAM VI -Has The Ghost-face Started Striking Bolder in The Big Apple!”

SCREAM VI -Has The Ghost-face Started Striking Bolder in The Big Apple!”

SCREAM VI -Has The Ghost-face Started Striking Bolder in The Big Apple!” post thumbnail image

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What’s “SCREAM VI” About?


 In this next chilling installment, the survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro & start a fresh chapter in New York City. How do you think this new chapter will go for them – or finish – bloody? DUH!

Ghostface Makes Scream Move to Upstate NYC, Babies! How You Like That?

Picsart 23 03 14 21 53 16 588 e1686068093958SCREAM! The Core 4! That’s all that I am going to think about when I see these four Survivors of SCREAM! Wanna know why? It’s because that is the silly nickname that Chad gave to the 4 of them because they all survived the Ghostface killer back in Woodsboro. I really thought deep, deep down in my Soul that Neve Campbell was going to make a surprise appearance in the film in either a flashback or in the film for real, but she was dead serious about not being in the film because she knows what she is worth and they did not want to pay her the money that she was asking for to be a part of this film and she has been with it since its conception. That really is sad that when someone knows their worth and potential and is asking to be compensated for it and is rejected and cannot come to a mutual agreement or compromise – that really shows me how much money can change people and it’s not always on the person doing the asking.

Who Ever Guessed Ghostface …I Mean Truly Guessed The Ghostface???

Picsart 23 03 14 18 38 36 889 e1685839329638The one thing that is very much consistent in all of the Scream films is that when you think you have the killer or now it seems to be killers with an “s”, it’s NOT who you really and truly suspect now is it? One character will try to throw suspicion onto someone else and have you thinking that it is the person they are trying to blame it on because they are behaving oddly or something like that and then BAM – you have new players in the game. Scream is like Clue …you just keep playing and going over and over and over again never really finishing. How all of these characters are linked in 6 films is totally beyond me! But it keeps happening! You can easily get perplexed at how many different Ghostface killers are after Sam now that Gail and Sidney are no longer the prime targets.

Gail Makes SCREAM – Wouldn’t You Agree?

Picsart 23 03 14 22 02 34 333 e1685839276491Gail did try to fight back hard in this installment, and she made it funny as hell because why? That’s our Gail aka Courtney Cox! I think that if she died in any of these films, about half of the people around the world would stop watching them because she and Neve Campbell make these films – wouldn’t you agree? The way that the film came on was of course still intact with the original with a phone ringing minus the popcorn, but asking the infamous question, “what’s your favorite scary movie?” It was so stupid how this girl in the beginning of the film died! So cliché! Really!

Scream & Run Towards The Ghostface Killer?!?! 

ScreamBut, it’s a scary movie, right, so if you don’t do something stupid and dumb and do the right and use good judgment, then…I don’t know what would happen, but I do know in films that when a killer is after you and you have to go run, and hide to secure yourself, you will not run towards danger – but instead you will run away from it. And I know you are one of those people who be talking in the theater as if the actors can actually hear you saying things like: get out of there; he’s coming; go the other way, etc. It is in us. We can’t help it. Lol! In conclusion, the film was worth the 1-year wait! So don’t delay…because I know you don’t want Ghostface 2 slay!


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  1. So it was decent?! I thought it would stink! LOL! I’ll wait ’till it’s streaming though – LOL. Thank you for what you do!! ♥️

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