Tonight With Trav Comedy “DOLITTLE” Needs A Filming Hospital!

“DOLITTLE” Needs A Filming Hospital!

“DOLITTLE” Needs A Filming Hospital! post thumbnail image

DolittleTravis’ Grade Of: [C-] Dolittle

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? NO WAY JOSE! NO WAY!!!





My Critique On “Dolittle” is this – I feel that the film is enough to sustain little children…but not…..



Film Synopsis: A physician (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) discovers that he can talk to animals!
Classification of Film: Adventure, Comedy, & Family


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…..for adults. You are aware that, at times, there are movies that will be suited for kids, but it is also entertaining for adults in some ways? THIS MOVIE IS NOT ONE OF THEM! I was not interested in this at first to be honest. 
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I have seen all the Doctor Dolittle films with Eddie Murphy and they were funny & good and suited for both adults – and children. This particular film I feel was aimed towards more of little kids than adults. I began to drift off to sleep while watching this. BIG HUGE RED FLAG right there! When I start to drift off in a movie no matter what the genre is and it cannot keep my attention, I will NOT be giving it a good and solid rating! 
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The only things that was good about the movie was how Downey played the role & the voices of the animals. The film as a whole

sucked! I do not know if people set high expectations for this movie, but you WILL be disappointed especially if you are an adult. It was not horrible, but it was not stellar and enjoyable either.

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I overheard so many people as they were walking out of the auditorium comment some bad things about the film and I thought that I was going to be the only one. They never should have opted in to make their film. Hollywood should have just left it alone with funnyman, Eddie Murphy and his talking animals and not make this re-make. 
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As you watch the film, you will soon come to the realization that it is suited and magical for kids – but NOT adults as I said in the beginning of this post! This is a movie to fire stick, Redbox, or NOT see at all! You will NOT be missing much – trust me!

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    1. Thank you – so very much! I aim to try my reviews that will prick at the hearts of each and every single person that reads any of my postings on my website. I try to be different from professional movie critics whose sole purpose seems to bash every movie and not try to see anything positive in the film; but if I review a film and it is horrible – I will say so, but again, to each his or her own and everyone will not see everything the same way. Luckily, for people who know me, they take my reviews on films like gold and I treasure that; it speaks volumes of my worth. Just as you said to me to keep writing – I will say to you to keep coming back and reading more recent posts and commenting! I can’t wait to hear from you again and again …and yes, again! Share my website with everyone you know!

    1. LOL! Thank you! What makes you say that? I mean everyone should view or see themselves as being intelligent …but what made you comment that particular statement on this post?

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