Tonight With Trav Action “BAD BOYS FOR LIFE” Is Quite Nice!

“BAD BOYS FOR LIFE” Is Quite Nice!

“BAD BOYS FOR LIFE” Is Quite Nice! post thumbnail image
bad boys for life

Travis’ Grade Of: [A+] Bad Boys For Life

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? YES! I COMMAND YOU TO SEE THIS OR I WILL PLACE YOU UNDER ARREST! LOL!



My Critique On “Bad Boys for Life” is this – I am speechless! I am utterly speechless! The film totally exceeded my….



Film Synopsis: The Bad Boys Mike Lowery (played by Will Smith) & Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life! Will it be the last ride, though?
Classification of Film: Action, Comedy, & Crime
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……expectations! There were times in the film where I though Lawrence was providing his normal and very usual humor, but then Smith would turn around and be just as funny! You would seriously think that these two actors’ on-screen chemistry goes way beyond that and into sheer brotherhood! 
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The love, adoration & VERY much the mutual respect that Lowery and Burnett had for each other and how they are the title of this film -and they ride together and die
together is epic! There are a few moments in life where you can have that very special spark and connection with some one on a platonic level where you come to think of them as “more than a friend.” 


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You consider them like you brother or sister – or just plain family. That is how these two bad boys are! There are some sad moments and unexpected shocking moments in the film that will make that loud laughter turn into shock and awe. The film was well-written, well-named, and very well put together. I saw some consistencies with Bad Boys 1 in this film to help jog our “bad memories!” Lol!
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I am NOT sure if there will be another film following the events that happened, but from the way that it ended, they left it open and wow is there a shocker with one of the main characters that I did not see coming, but it explains a lot about that particular character. Seeing the strong bond and friendship that Mike and Marcus had was astounding! 


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I was very happy when this project was announced because I am a huge fan of these movies and it seems like Will Smith just cannot and will not age – he looks the same in this film as he did in Parts 1 and 2. A GQ driving Miami cop with great taste and style! 


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The film was great! The acting was great! The bond that the bad boys HAVE is great and everyone should aim to have some strong and unbreakable bond like Mike and Marcus has because that type of ride or die friendship is something that everyone everywhere should have! Bad boys….bad boys….a whatcha gonna do…..whatcha gonna do when they come for you…….


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