Tonight With Trav Adventure “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” Is A Blast If You’re Ever Asked and Magnificent

“SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” Is A Blast If You’re Ever Asked and Magnificent

“SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” Is A Blast If You’re Ever Asked and Magnificent post thumbnail image
sonic the hedgehog

Travis’ Grade Of: [A+] Sonic The Hedgehog

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? YES IN BLUE ROLLED UP BALL DEED!



My Critique On “Sonic the Hedgehog” is this – it’s a kids movie that has simply been brought back to life and on the big motion picture screen that gives a lot of the same…..


Film Synopsis: A cop (played James Marsden) in the rural town of Green Hills will help Sonic escape from the Government who is looking to capture him!
Classification of Film: Adventure, Action, & Comedy
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…….imagery and fun as the game Sonic from the good old days! I really enjoyed the film. I think that it is suited for both kids and adults. It really was a sentimental movie I felt because it demonstrates how you never know how good you have something until its gone or you have to leave something or someone behind that you love and care about for a bigger cause. 
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That ‘lil blue Devil was a riot in deed! Sonic had the speed, the humor, the life, and the fulfillment to be an everyday normal hedgehog; but the one thing that he always wanted was a REAL friend and those are so extremely tough to find and that is that I identified with the most about the film. 
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Jim Carrey added some more of the humor in the film, I will not even lie about that. He was funny and on point with his character! Good job Jim! I could not see anyone else playing his role but him because he did it so fiercely – and with a passion!
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It was all about one thing – friendship! Seeing the bond that Sonic and Tom so desperately had for each other was sentimental to me. I will not lie. Even Tom’s wife, Maddie saw how adorable those two were together and everyone wants that kind of friendship, love, and loyalty and the movie ended the same exact way! 
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Knowing that you have a place to call home, coming home to someone, having someone love and care for you is one of the most remarkable feelings that you could ever want to have and this film teaches us that! I am so glad that Sonic and Tom because more than friends – they became a family – just like Sonic is fast: it happened “rapidly” with Tom, Maddie, & him.

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