Tonight With Trav Crime “FATALE” Is Whew…..NO WORDS!!! I Can’t Slice It Into Thirds – I’m Literally At A Loss For Words….

“FATALE” Is Whew…..NO WORDS!!! I Can’t Slice It Into Thirds – I’m Literally At A Loss For Words….

“FATALE” Is Whew…..NO WORDS!!! I Can’t Slice It Into Thirds – I’m Literally At A Loss For Words…. post thumbnail image
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Travis’ Grade Of: [A+] Fatale

Would I recommend YOU to pay to see this in the theater? TWO WORDS, ACTUALLY: HELL AND “TO THE YEEEAAH”!


My Critique On “Fatale” is this- I am literally shaking right now as I am typing because this here review simply because this is NOT what I was expecting or even anticipating it to even be….I am like…..just….whew!!!! Blown the hell away!!!
…….Baby!! Baby!! Baby!! Baby!! Baby!! Baby!! Baby!! What happens in Vegas…does it REALLY stay there???
Film Synopsis: Derrick, (played by Micheal Ealy) a very successful sports agent, watches his perfect life slowly disappear as he becomes more and more entangled in a police investigation led by a discredited, disgraced, and very much determined Detective Valerie Quinlan (played by Hilary Swank) with whom he recently had an affair with.
Classification of Film: Thriller & Drama
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…….I have other words to describe about TWO things concerning this: (1) being Detective Val Quinlan and (2) the name of the film. Let’s get going. What I am about to say can apply to both numbers one and two! 
Fatale 2021 Movie Actress Hilary Swank


Both words can describe the Detective and the movie – and here they are: TOXIC, LETHAL, EXPLOSIVE, FEARLESS, DANGEROUS, PSYCHOTIC, AND DERANGED. What do ALL not some of these words have in common? 


They are very much similar to the name of the movie- “Fatale“, and when you watch this movie (and after you keep reading my review I would have “enticed” you to see this movie – no doubt in my mind about that) you will see that Detective Val Quinlan is ALL of those SEVEN words that I have listed above and the eighth one is the name of the film – FATALE! 


It fits like a glove! This film took me on one hell of a ride and I wanna go right back on it again! This was a DAMN DAMN DAMN fierce film! It HAS seduction; it HAS suspense; it HAS manipulations; it HAS everything that you would want to keep you not only on the edge of your seat; but to keep you biting your nails, & wonder what this crazy chick is up to next! 


What is Derrick going to do? You keep asking yourself question after question after question while watching the movie and you, in turn, are becoming a detective yourself trying to put the pieces together! This is a mystery! 


This IS a thriller! I MUST, right now give Actress Hilary Swank a standing ovation for her performance in the movie because she exceeded any and all expectations that were placed on her for this role! 


She literally deserves an Oscar or some sort of nomination. Direction Deon Taylor really cast the ideal and perfect female lead for the film by choosing her. Swank’s villainous looks and her facial expressions ARE killer and dead on. She was consistent and fierce throughout! 


There was a twist with two of the characters in the film that I actually did figure out so props goes to me. Lol! Will you figure it out??? When I did figure it out, my mouth dropped so wide to the floor like I was like saying to myself, “no freaking way!” I am so glad that the film hit theaters and just in time for Christmas!!! 


I will be seeing it again and again and as much as I can because I will support Director Deon Taylor and all of his films and since I am am AMC A-List Member I can see it and other films as many times as I WISH while they are in theaters and this is one of them! 
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Just look at what ONE night, and they were not even drunk. If they were, it was shown off camera can wreck a person’s life and turned upside down can do? Derrick went to Vegas to play and he got caught up in a game that he could not get out of.


 Again, you do NOT want to miss out on seeing this film. It will take you on so many wild rides; so many wild twists and turns that you will wanna go back in reverse and just re-live the chaos all over again!
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 Trust me! Intrigued???

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  1. Another awesome review! I didn't know anything about this movie, now thanks to you Trav I really wanna see this.

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