Tonight With Trav Adventure “TOM AND JERRY” – Fail-Proof is Horrible Friendship

“TOM AND JERRY” – Fail-Proof is Horrible Friendship

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Screenshot 20210706 235855 Photo FramesFilm Synopsis: Tom and Jerry. Tom gets kicked out by his owners, due to failing to do his job as a house cat. Now he has no place to live along with his longtime rival Jerry, who has also left wandering the streets & decide to call a truce to their rivalry then go their separate ways to have a fresh start in their lives. Later the two cross paths in Manhattan, NYC and do you know what happens… Do you believe that two individuals can put aside their differences and be civil to each other? Is that still possible in the world today?


Tom and Jerry. The movie was genius! Simply genius! This took me back to the 1996 movie, I KNOW you all have heard of – Space Jam with Micheal Jordan. To see a film like this be re-created and animated like this for the Big Screen was something that I never found myself being so highly excited and amped up to see – Tom and Jerry.
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The special effects were just wonderful in Tom and Jerry! The rivalry between Tom & Jerry was still there as if I was watching the cartoon series; I love the awesome NY hip hop twist that was put on the film. There is nothing negative that I can write in my review of this film except this: WHY DID IT HAVE TO END, Tom and Jerry?
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This film is suited for kids like Tom and Jerry is supposed to be – there is no doubt about that; but it is also suited for adults as well! Admist the pandemic that we are still currently facing, we ALL need something to laugh and smile about during these difficult times and this film totally proved that for us all – 100%! I have to admit seeing Tom and Jerry try to outwit each other and play the pranks on each other as they did was cute and hilarious to me! 
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Everyone in the audience was laughing: children, infants, newborns chuckled, adults, etc. Seriously! Casting Moretz as Kayla the main character who sets everything up in motion in the film was another genius move! She was funny, on point, direct, all that! I loved her! 
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In knowing that two people have a rivalry; a life-long vindictive rivalry – if they really want to stop being enemies, they CAN be IF they are both willing to set aside their differences, call a truce, and work through their differences WITHOUT some sort of incentive to get them to stop being spiteful to each other. COMMUNICATION IS KEY PEOPLE!!! The incentive was to reside at the hotel because either of them had a suitable place to stay. 
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For Tom and Jerry, that was kind of hard to do because neither of them could speak and deep, deep, deep down we all know that what they knew best was antagonizing each other. When they did have to work together for the better good (in the film), it was odd for me, personally, to see that because it is something that we have never seen before with these two. Right? 
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There is something else to consider in the film as well, but it is not about rivalry, but about relationships. In all relationships – what is the most valuable lesson to attain? Communication. As I stated in the above paragraph. The engaged couple in the film, Preeta and Ben face a challenge where COMMUNICATION must come into play to solve it. In the film you will see that what Preeta wants Ben does not and vise versa. Will communication salvage their relationship? Who will listen? Anytime there is a scene with these two….LISTEN to what Preeta says about Ben….
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IF we get accustomed to seeing one thing one way all of our lives, how can we possibly see it another way – unless we open our minds to new possibility and outcomes? But for Tom & Jerry – that is just not possible….but for YOU and me…it is! 
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  1. Awesome review! I was a huge Tom and Jerry fan as a kid, so when I heard this was coming out I couldn't wait. Now you're review has me really excited.

  2. Oooohhh and here I didn’t think you loved cartoons lol I am watching this tonight now thanks to your review and yes wouldn’t it be beautiful if we all put aside our differences and work together!

  3. Loved it! Watched it last night brought back so many childhood memories!!! But glad to see the truce😂😂🥰✌🏾🌻

  4. The trailer and review is totally cute. If I had kids, they’d definitely get to see this movie. I love these two! ♥️
    Mary Kay

  5. Glad my review swayed you to watch it – glad that I am influential when it comes to your decision making on films! Yes, the world woudl be a much better place if we did that….if only….

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