Tonight With Trav Drama/s “LET HIM GO” Strikes A Major Blow, But It’s One “Hell Of A Show” That Will Let You Know Who Will Go with Pride

“LET HIM GO” Strikes A Major Blow, But It’s One “Hell Of A Show” That Will Let You Know Who Will Go with Pride

“LET HIM GO” Strikes A Major Blow, But It’s One “Hell Of A Show” That Will Let You Know Who Will Go with Pride post thumbnail image
Let Him Go

Travis’ Grade Of: [A+] Let Him Go




My Critique On “Let Him Go” is this – This was a somewhat raw & very difficult movie to watch…..



Film Synopsis: A retired sheriff (played by Kevin Costner) and his wife, (played by Diane Lane) grieving over the death of their son (played by Ryan Bruce), set out to find their only grandson, but get surprised at what they find in North Dakota!


Classification of Film: Drama, Crime, & Thriller


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……considering that the movie was centered around a family dynamic of disruptive behavior. I have to say this, I’d say the movie was mainly about 2 characters mostly: the grandson, Jimmy and his Grandmother, Margaret. 
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I have been trying to figure out how to critique this review so that I do not give away any spoilers (I do not give spoilers in any of my reviews that I post regardless), but this is a rather tricky review that I have to write without trying to reveal certain details in the film so here I go. 
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First, Diane Lane needs to win an Oscar or get nominated for her role in the film because she was amazing! No doubt about that! She played a fearless and protective mother and Grandmother who would stop at nothing to protect her young! When you think about how people use the phrase – “fight for family” — she and her husband George really did it, literally, they fought physically, mentally, and emotionally! 
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I cannot tell you how much I adore and respect this film because of that! Margaret saw how her ex-daughter in law was being treated by her new husband and his family and she wanted to do whatever she could to protect her and her grandchild from that type of environment. This is something that happens in today’s society every single day – child abuse, child neglect, some sort of violence. 
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Personally, I think it’s VERY feasible to scold or correct your children, but it is HOW and the manner in which you do it. The film starts off very slow, but it also lays & sets the the foundation for the end of the film where you can see who Maragret has to “let go.” It is all about how you raise your children and the Blackledges’ and Weboys’ were COMPLETE opposites! 
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As the film progresses on I was saying to myself in a very anxious state once I saw something happen in the film, “I know why the film is titled the way it is!” It was like a bright light bulb went off in my head! Lol! I love when I get that feeling because I connect to a film and it makes me feel so drawn to the movie because I can understand it and relate to it and just feel like giving it a standing ovation. 
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I cannot say that about every film, but can say that 1,000% about this one! I highly suggest that you see this movie. It is truly a movie that will just touch you and just leave you in such awe! I am so glad that it came to theaters and that the pandemic did not force it to go to video on demand or anything like this and it DESERVED to be seen on the Big Dolby Screen! 
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I will leave you with this…the film may be titled, “Let Him Go,” but does that really mean you will give up and let him go? Think about it……See the movie to understand it…..


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  1. You are so very welcome! Have you had a chance to watch it on demand yet? Hulu? Anything? It is so worth it? It is tough to watch when the Weboys' enter the picture, but the bigger picture and light is at the end of the tunnel and the message is there….

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